How to Backup Google Apps for Business Account Securely in 2019

Making sure the security of your regular data is the foremost concern for any user, and when it comes to businesses, the security becomes more crucial. The same goes with Google Apps for Business/ Work users as well. Since the gigantic increment in the cases of data breaches, cyber hacking, ransomeware and many more has taken place in the recent times, the data security has become more vulnerable.

The fact that Google itself provides many backup solutions for the stored data, users must make sure to follow every security practice to backup Google Apps for Business data.

Below we are going to discuss multiple ways to protect your Google Apps for business emails and other data. So, let’s get started!

How to Backup Google Apps for Business Emails?

There are methods like Google Vault, Google Takeout and Data Export tool available in the G Suite itself. These utilities are used to export the emails and other data from G Suite and every user can make the use of these. Additionally, there are also some softwares available to backup and export G Suite data locally. So let’s explore each of these methods one by one!

#1 Google Takeout

Most popular backup practice is Google Takeout / Takeaway tool. This utility exports your Google Apps data into MBOX file format.

  1. Sign-in to with your G Suite credentials
  2. Select data items like Gmail, Hangout, Drive, Contacts, etc. that you want to export & then click Next.
  3. Now you have to select the file extension among ZIP and TGZ. (.zip is recommended)
  4. Click on Delivery Method whichever is suitable for you
  5. Now click on Create Archive button
  6. All your selected data will be exported into ZIP/ TGZ file and you will receive it on your mailbox via a link
  7. You have to open this link and download the archive file.

You have backup Google Apps for Business data, and you can save this data to any of your desired location.

Limitations: Although Google Takeout is the best way to export data, it is associated with one downfall. When the data is huge, it takes a lot of time to export, and sometimes fails in between the process.

#2 Data Export Tool

This tool is an in-built utility in Google Apps, available in all G Suite for Business plans. Below are the steps:

  1. Open your G Suite account >> navigate to Admin console
  2. Hit on “<” button
  3. Now go to Tools option and choose Data Export
  4. Tap on Start button to backup emails Google Apps for Business.

Limitations: For Data Export tool would not say limitations, rather there are couple of constraints though. You must be the Super Administrator of Google Apps account and there must be at least 1000 user accounts in G Suite. Only then you will be able to use this tool.

#3 Google Apps Backup Tool

G Suite backup tool is an expert recommended software, built with a sole purpose to backup and export G Suite email to PST, EML, MBOX and MSG file formats. This utility is not free of cost but works quickly and securely. Easily exports bulk data into multiple formats without any data loss. Contains multiple advanced features like Date Filter, Selective Data Backup, Single User as well as Domain User access etc.

It is capable to backup Google Apps for business data items like emails, Google docs, drive, contacts, calendars, attachments etc. to on-premise location.

Limitations: Since this is a third party software, it is hard to spot any such limitations, although I would say it works for single operating system i.e., Windows only and not MAC or any other.

#4 Google Vault

Google Vault is basically used to Search, Retain and Export G Suite data. The main task of this utility is to search the historical data in the index. So, it turns out to be not such an ideal utility to “backup” Google Apps data.

Find more about Google Vault here: Is Google Vault A Backup Solution?

Bottom Line

We discussed multiple methods to backup Google Apps for Business, along with their working and limitations. Now you have the clear picture about all these approaches and it would be easier to opt for a suitable method. Make your Google Apps secure today!


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