Best Tool for SQL Server Migration to Azure Cloud SQL Server

There are many organizations who are searching for the solution to move their business data to the cloud platform. It’s because Microsoft Azure SQL database is the most widely used and trusted database-as-a-service (DbaaS). It provides a wide range of cloud services, security feature, enhanced scalability & availability. Therefore, in this write-up, we have discussed the most proficient application that carries our SQL server migration to Azure cloud quickly. Thus, to know more about the complete process for migrating on premise SQL Server to Azure continue reading the blog.

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So now the queries related to data migration from SQL server to Azure are endless. Although, to all these queries there is only one solution. After using that solution, you will be able to transfer data from SQL server to Azure without any data loss.

Smart Solution for SQL Server Migration to Azure Cloud

SQL Server to Azure Migration Tool is the advanced solution for migrating on premise SQL server to Azure. With this application, it becomes very for the user to perform the data migration from SQL Server to Azure. The software requires SQL Server credentials like Server name, Database name, User-name, and password, etc.

Some Advantageous features offered by the tool are as follows:

  • Transfer database objects like triggers, stored procedures, tables, functions, associated primary key, unique key, rules, indexes, views, etc.
  • Capable of migrating a corrupted database into a healthy state from local SQL server to Azure SQL database.
  • Smartly auto-detect the version of SQL Server files before performing the SQL server migration to Azure.
  • Capable to transfer accidentally deleted SQL database records into SQL Server without any hassle.
  • Generates the Preview of all database components like Tables, Functions, Stored Procedures, Columns, Indexes, Keys, etc., along with the item count.
  • Can perform selective migration of SQL database objects. From the export window, users can choose Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, etc for the migration purpose.
  • Allows users to migrate database items with two options i.e. “With Schema” or “With Schema & Data”
  • Provides the facility to migrate SQL Server database to an existing or new Azure SQL database.

Step by Step Process to Transfer Data from SQL Server to Azure

Below here, we have described the simple step by step procedure for SQL server migration to Azure Cloud. Here we have mentioned all the steps adequately. So, you just have to follow all of them sequentially, to get the proficient outcome. Let’s get started:

  • Run the tool for migrating on premise SQL Server to Azure

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  • Now, click the Open button & select the desired MDF file
  • Now, select the desired scanning option & check the Auto-detect option if MDF file version is unknown. Or select MDF file version manually.
  • Choose NDF Options & click the first radio button to detect NDF file automatically
  • Click on Add Files / Add Folder option to add the NDF files for the migration process
  • The tool will preview the details of MDF file after the completion of the scanning process
  • Click Yes to save the scanned MDF file in .str file format otherwise No
  • Now, preview the database records MDF & NDF files like Tables, Triggers, Stored procedures, Views, etc.
  • Click the Migrate button to begin the process of SQL Server database migration to Azure
  • Fill the required fields like Azure SQL Server Name, Authentication, User-name & Password
  • Click the connect button & then select the database on which you want to migrate
  • Under the preferences, option select the database object that needs to be migrated
  • Now, you can migrate data “With only Schema” & “With Schema & Data”


Nowadays, as the overall business is now moving onto the cloud platform, many business people are searching for the tool to perform SQL server migration to Azure Cloud. Therefore, in this write-up, we have discussed a simple and smart solution to transfer data from SQL server to Azure. Complete software features, as well as step by the process, is discussed for the data migration from SQL Server to Azure. We hope that this post would be helpful for all those who need to migrate SQL server database to Azure SQL database.


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