How to Create Single Page PDF from Multiple Page PDF Easily

Users often look out for quick solutions to save each page of PDF as separate file. But unfortunately, this is not a common procedure so its solution is also not known to everyone. For this reason, people are seen posting queries regarding this issue on different technical forums. Below are examples of some relevant user queries which demands to create single page PDF from multiple page PDF.

“I have been looking for a suitable way to split large PDF into individual pages. We all know that upon searching on the web, we get the suggestion to use various online tools/ sites. I have also uploaded my PDF files in different online sites but none of them were able to fix my issue successfully. Now I want to know how to create single page PDF from multi-page PDF using some trustworthy process. Can anyone tell me if there is any way to export single page from PDF file.”

“I have been assigned with the task of creating single page PDF files from a large-sized PDF file. Even after asking many of my colleagues, I did not get to know how this can be done properly. Hence, I am considering my fellow members of this forum as the last resort. Please help me by describing some easy technique to extract single page from PDF document. Whether the method is manual or automated, I am not bothered at all. My only requirement is that the method has to be feasible. Thanks in advance.”

If you are also searching for how to create single page PDF from multiple page PDF, look no further. In this post, we will describe some of the most efficient methods i.e. manual and automated PDF Splitter Software for the same. So, continue reading.

How to Make One Page PDF from Multiple Pages

There are different manual and alternative approaches available for this single page PDF extraction. Here, we have chosen to share two popular methods with the users for their benefit.

Method 1: Split Large PDF into Individual Pages with Adobe Acrobat DC

To perform this method, you will require Adobe Acrobat DC. The limitation of this method is that you have to be the subscriber of Acrobat DC to use it.

a. To begin the process, you need to open the main PDF file with Adobe Acrobat DC.
b. Now click on More Options >> Organize Pages from the right-pane.
c. Select Split by Pages option and Enter 1.

create single page pdf from multi-page pdf

d. Click the Output Options & select the destination folder for the resultant PDFs


d. PDF file splitting is done & all pages of this PDF file will be saved individually.

Method 2: Create Single Page PDF from Multiple Page PDF With Tool

This technique involves PDF Splitter software by SysTools. Users do not need installation of Adobe or Adobe Acrobat DC for this method.

a. Download and launch the software and select the Split tab.
b. Browse to add the PDF file.
c. Select Split by Page option & enter 1 and destination folder.

d. Click on Process button to split large PDF into individual pages

Why Choose this Software?

This application is the perfect all-in-one solution to save each page of PDF as separate file. This tool does not require any monthly subscription. This is a one-time purchase utility and its license will remain for a lifetime. Windows-based software supports all Windows OS versions including Windows 10. When the user create single page PDF from multiple page PDF, the software takes care of the data integrity and prevents any data corruption from happening. Apart from this, it offers the facility to merge multiple PDF files into one.

Available Versions

If you are interested to purchase this program but also want to be sure of its effectiveness, try the demo version of it. This version of the tool can be downloaded for free and contains sufficient features to test it. Once you are satisfied, you can go for purchasing the software. This tool is available in three different licenses from which you can choose as per your need.


PDF file users need to perform certain tasks like splitting large PDF into individual pages. This may sound like a tricky problem but there are solutions available for this issue. In this post, we have discussed several ways to create single page PDF from multiple page PDF. Users can choose from these approaches and implement the method that seems most suitable for them. Since the automated method is the safest and cheapest way to split large PDF into individual pages, experts often rely on the tool.


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