How to Open, View & Read SQLite File in Windows 10, 8, 7 Manually?

SQLite is an open source relational database which is used to perform operations on an Android machine like storing, manipulating or retrieving the data from the relational database. SQLite is the widely used SQL engine in the various applications developed by Google, Mozilla, Adobe, Microsoft etc. Basically, it is a lightweight database which is used for Android application by default and it stores the user’s data. When users need to view or access their database, they have to know the process of how to open, view & read SQLite database file. Thus, it is advised to users to use the SQLite browser or SQLite manager application to open, view and read the SQLite files.



How to Open SQLite Database file with Command line on Windows 10?

Follow the below mentioned steps to open SQLite database of any device such as Android, Google Chrome, etc.

  1. Download & Install SQLite Database from its official website (
  2. Unzip the file in the C:/ Directory of Windows
  3. Set the environment variables by going to system properties and then in advanced settings
  4.  Then in environment variable and click on Add new and type C:/sqlite and then click on OK two times
  5. Open Command prompt by pressing Windows+ R simultaneously
  6. Check whether you are in the root directory or not. If this directory is shown C:/>  Simply type cd SQLite to change directory in the root.Then type SQLite3
  7. Then simply open SQLite file by typing .open

Note: Please Rename the file that you want to view in your SQLite file as extension .db if your file having extension as .sqlite, *.sqlite3

Process to Open, View & Read SQLite Database Files in Windows 10, 8, 7

The SQLite database files can open and read manually by using various browsers. Some of them are mentioned below.

Method1# Open, View, & Read SQLite File by Using SQLite Browser

Step 1.
At first, click on the Start button of the desktop then go to the Internet Explorer and type the SQLite download URL into the address bar. After that press Enter key.

Step 2.
Now, click on the Download button >> Click here for options. Choose the download file from the menu and click on the Save button when you get the location where you want to save the downloaded file. Give the name of the file and click on Save button.

Step 3.
In this step, click Start button on the Windows desktop taskbar & click on Computer. Now, find the directory where the previously downloaded file is saved then right-click on the file and choose Extract Here from the menu. Now, double-click on the SQLite browser directory then, again double-click on the SQLite Database Browser file.

Step 4.
After that, click on the File menu from the SQLite Database Browser window that opens and select Open Database. Now, browse the location of the SQLite file that you want to open & read and then click on that file. Finally, click on the Open button to display the SQLite file contents.

Method2# Open, View, & Read SQLite Files by Using SQLite Manager Mozilla Firefox Add-On

Step 1.
First of all, open the Internet Explorer browser then type the URL of the Mozilla Firefox download into the address bar and press the Enter key. Now, click on the Firefox Free Download button and click on the Run option in the window that appears. After that, click on the Run option in the Internet Explorer—Security Warning window. Now, click on Next button in the Mozilla Firefox Setup window & accept all defaults which help in the Mozilla Firefox installation process

Step 2.
In this step, double-click on the Mozilla Firefox icon then click on the address bar and enter the SQLite Manager download page URL into the address bar & press Enter key

Step 3.
Now, click on the Add to Firefox button in the Web page and click on Install Now in the window that appears. Then, go to the File menu and select Exit option to close Mozilla Firefox

Step 4.
Again open the Mozilla Firefox Web browser & click on the Tools menu then Select SQLite Manager. Now, click on the Database in the window that appears & choose Connect Database option

Step 5.
Finally, browse the directory location of the SQLite files that you want to read then click on the File menu and go to Open option to display the contents.

Limitations of Manual Procedures to Read SQLite Database File

The above mentioned manual procedures are not an efficient method to open, view and read the SQLite database files. These methods have some limitations, such as these are a very lengthy process to execute. Also, the manual procedures need the extraordinary technical skills. If a user is from non-technical background then it is hard to understand these long and technical manual procedure for them. Moreover, this process needs installation of many applications and also need to switch many times one to another program. Therefore, to overcome these limitations, an automatic tool is given which are described below.

An Automatic & Free Solution to Open, View & Read SQLite Database Files

As it is discussed, there are various limitations that a user might encounter while using the manual method. Thus to overcome all such limitations, a user is advised to use a free third-party solution or automatic solution which named as Revove SQLite Viewer software. This tool executes a simple and efficient process to open, view and read the SQLite database files. The tool allows users to scan and view corrupt SQLite database files also. Moreover, by using this free professional tool, SQLite database files can be easily open and read without any extra help which is not possible by the manual procedures.

Features of Revove Free SQLite Viewer Software to Open SQLite Database File in Windows OS

  • The tool allows users to explore and view SQLite database files
  • It has also an option to scan and view corrupted SQLite files
  • This tool can open and view any size of SQLite database files
  • The software has Hex view option to examine the SQLite files
  • It also gives the complete preview of SQLite database table
  • By using this tool, deleted record can be viewed in separate tab
Final Words

Sometimes, SQLite database files cannot be open due to some internal problem. So, this process can be done by manually or using the professional tool. Using the third-party tool is a very simple and error-free solution to open, view and read the SQLite files. With the help of this article, a user can know what is SQLite files and How to Open View & Read SQLite Database File.


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