How to Recover Data from Corrupt or Formatted Partition of Hard Disk?

Recover Corrupt Hard Drive Data

With the advancement in the technology, the need for data storage devices increases exponentially. Everywhere there is the definite requirement of data storage ranges from mobile phone storage to server data storage.These drives much attention & maintenance so that it can work smoothly.  Don’t know when it gets corrupt or failed to loads data. You have to prepare yourself for this and make arrangements for the easy retrieval of data from it.

 Common terminologies related to Storage of data in Windows Operating System.

  1. FAT

    FAT is the file allocation table used widely in the hard disks from DOS to Windows 9x era(almost two decades). FAT also enhanced according to the advancement in the technology at that time, the various versions of FAT are FAT12, FAT16, FAT32(the numeric digits are no bits supported).

    With advancement of technology the data size grows enormously lead to the adoption of more suitable technology to store and manage the data The FAT system is used in USB flash drive etc

  1. NTFS

    NTFS is the new technology file system used by the Windows NT to storing and retrieving the data from the hard disk. It provides more security than the File allocation table file system. It uses the advanced data structure to improve performance reliability and disk utilization.

  1. Master boot record or MBR

    IT acts as the OS loader, it loads the necessary software in ram to start the booting process of OS. It is also called as the boot loader. It also contains how files are organized in logical partition containing the file system of that medium. MBR is located in the first sector of the hard disk.

  1. MFT(Master File Table)

    MFT is the database in which information about the file and the directory are stored in the NTFS. It contains the information such as name and size of the file, also the timestamp when the file was created. NTFS reserves the first 16 records in the MFT for metadata files.

       Common Corruption Issue Of Hard Disk

  1. MBR failure

  2. File Allocation Table Entry partition failure

  3. MFT corruption

  4. Virus attack

  5. Data deletion

  6. Disk Formatted

  7. Sudden power failure

  8. Manufacturing faults

       How to Know that Data gets Corrupted & loss?

  1. System shut down automatically

  2. Blue Screen of Death

  3. File Name or File format not recognized

  4. System performs unwanted process because of hard drive corrupt sectors

  5. Over heating of system

  6. Excessive Vibration

  7. System fails to to recognize hard disk while booting

Note:-  Shut down your system immediately when you saw such types of symptoms and keep you drive in off state until you get the solution for your problem.

 Techniques & Solution to Recover Data From Corrupt Hard Disk

To fix up the common issues such as program fails to load data, you can use Chkdsk or Scandisk from the Command prompt. This will perform deep scanning of hard disk and check for bad sectors. It fix only the minor issues of hard disk. But it fails to recover permanently deleted items & major issues of drive such as MBR failure etc.


Due to this above-mentioned issue the user includes company or big organization unable to recover their valuable and important data. To solve such kind of problems there is tested & trusted Windows Hard Drive Data Recovery Solution available which can easily recover & save permanently deleted files and folders. It supports external storage drives such as SSD, Flash drive, MMC etc also. It also retrieves data from formatted partition.


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