Manual Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook PST

Introduction: – Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook Manually

IBM Lotus Notes and Domino technologies are based on the client-server technology developed by the Lotus and acquired by IBM Corporation. It fulfills the need of distributed database and user can access it via local area network or wide area network. There is the subsequent shift of large or medium scale organization from Lotus Notes to Outlook because of the sophisticated graphical user interface of Lotus Notes email client. The user has to face an enormous number of hurdles to send and receive simple emails which ultimately results in the decrease of productivity of user as well employer also. Apart from this, Outlook is the simple personal information manager software having the graphical user interface with facilities to connect with Exchange Server makes it exclusively brilliant. Therefore user needs to convert lotus notes to outlook manually.

Some Brief About Lotus Notes NSF and Outlook PST File Format – Convert NSF to PST Using Manual Method

NSF file is the default data repository file format used by the Lotus Notes Application to store the content such as emails, task, calendars, journal etc. There are multiple files created in Lotus Notes with extension as .nsf such as username.nsf, id.nsf, archive.nsf, names.nsf. Whereas PST is the respected storage database created by Outlook by default to store the items such emails, calendars, tasks, journals, to-do list etc.

Based on the user preferences, Outlook is the best email client platform and simpler then the Lotus Notes application. As there is no export option provided by the Lotus Notes to export nsf database. You have first convert nsf to pst file then you are able to import it into Outlook. There is the manual way to convert lotus notes nsf to Outlook pst exists then you can simply follow the steps to accomplished the task of lotus notes to outlook migration manually. You have to the described steps with high attention & focus when manual convert nsf to pst otherwise there will be hilarious consequences of the wrong step. It may also lead to serious data hazards.

The Complete Guide to Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook manually

The Complete Guide is parted into two parts

1. Export Lotus Notes NSF file

2. Import PST to Outlook

Process 1: – Export Lotus Notes NSF file

1. Open up IBM Lotus Notes Application

2. Click on Open Button to load NSF file

3. Click on File located in the Menu bar and choose the Export from the list of options

4. After then, Export Wizard will open up. Select the location on the hard drive to save the newly generated file.

5. Select the CSV or Comma Separated Value the save it as type – choose CSV file

6. Named the file created appropriately and hit on export button

7. Seriously select the options and then click OK

8. At last, you will get the resultant file in the CSV file format.

After the creation of the resultant file, you have to import it to Outlook.

Process 2: – Import Resultant file to Outlook

1. Open Up the Outlook Application

2. Click on File Menu located in the Menu bar.

3. Select the Open then Select the Import- Export Wizard

4. In Import Export Wizard select the Import from another application option, then click on next.

5. Then select the CSV(comma separated value) file then click on next.

6. Select the resultant CSV file to Import. There is three option available which you can use to remove the duplicates items from the exported file. Then click on next.

7. Select the destination folder to save the file in Outlook.

The Bottom Line

As the process of a manual way to convert to lotus notes to outlook is so sophisticated and time taking. You have to take the backup of NSF mailbox prior using the manual method. If any of the steps is wrongly executed then you have to face the heavy data losses which cannot be feasible in terms of cost and time both. Therefore the use of the professional tool is always be given preferences in-spite of using the manual method to export lotus notes to outlook. NSF to PST Converter is one such tool which is highly recommendable to convert lotus notes to outlook. There are multiple benefits of using the professional utility like NSF to PST Converter such as it automatically locates the NSF file from the local storage and provide the option to selectively export nsf file to Outlook pst. It can also remove encryption from encrypted nsf file prior conversion to outlook pst. It provides the functionality of canonical name customization.

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