How to Fix Outlook OST File Keeps Getting Corrupted in 2016, 2013?

If the things in your life are repeated recursively in an ad-hoc fashion. Then, How do you feel & manages such daily routines stressed problems? You keep on trying to fix it. But it reverts back to increased level of issues. This will make you annoyed and put high stress on your life. The same case is with the Outlook OST file also. The OST file keeps getting corrupted again & again. This is the most common ost file error faced by Outlook users of versions 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007 also. In the current article, The discussion is on why outlook ost file corrupted and methods to solve Outlook 2013 ost file keeps getting corrupted.

Most Common Reason For Frequent OST Corruption

OST File corruption issues are broadly categorized in two arena

  1. Hardware faults
  2. Software Redundancy

Hardware Faults

1. Power failure is one of the most common reasons for ost file keeps getting corrupted. Sudden power loss causes the ost file corruption

2. The storage location where the data is saved contaminated or contains the bad sectors. Due to which the ost file stored into it also affected. In the span of time, the hard drive crashed itself which ultimately results into the huge data loss.

3. Abnormal interrupt arises when OST file gets synchronized with Exchange Server. The interrupt major reasons is the failure of network device

Software Faults or Redundancy

The software faults are mainly the logical error caused by malicious software or viruses.

  1. Outlook Ost exceeds the specified limitOutlook OST file exceeds the default limit. If the specified limits crossed then it will result into ost file keeps getting corrupted issues
  2. Error in Outlook SoftwareIn many cases of ost file corruption, it is seen that Outlook application is the cause of error itself. Most of the time user cannot be identified such problems and results into loss of data.
  3. Critical Termination of OutlookThe Outlook application shut down forcefully without following the standard processor then it results into ost file getting corrupted issues. In many situations, Outlook application freezes itself.
  4. Plug-ins Installed For EaseTo increase the usability user installs plug-ins or add-on in Outlook application. But some add-ons capture the resources available for the Outlook and cause the lag in Outlook performance.

The Error Messages Users when Outlook OST File affected by Corruption

  1. When the ost file is severely stuck by corruption but instead of this user try to access the ost file in Outlook. The following error messages encountered by user
  2. “Unable to open Default Email Folder. The OST file is not an offline folder file.”
  3. “Unable to expand the folder. The set of folders could not be opened. Errors could have been detected in the file rahul.ost. Quit all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox Repair Tool.”
  4. “Encountered large numbers of conflict items”
  5. Cannot open particular Outlook items when offline.
  6. The problem in Synchronization with Outlook OST file.

Quick Methods to Fix Outlook 2013 OST File Keeps Getting Corrupted

The OST file is the only source of exchange data when there is downtime of exchange server. The user can continue to work with OST file in offline mode also. When Exchange environment available, then ost itself sync with exchange. However when ost file keeps getting corrupting then what to do next? Then in such case, only one option is left which is repair ost file. Using the manual strategy to repair ost file will always fail in the case because Inbox repair tool is not so advanced or innovative tackle down the OST file keeps getting corrupted issues. So you have to take the help of the third party software to brutally repair the rigid ost file.

One such tool is the OST to PST Converter which has the enhanced capability to repair data from corrupt ost file and save it to pst format. The tool is made with so ease that it easily repairs and recovers data from highly corrupted ost file also. Apart from this, you have to make sure that proper backup plan is ready in case of data catastrophe. Make arrangements for the proper backup plan for the power sudden failure and keep your system prepared apparently to tackle down the losses caused by the malicious software.

The Bottom Line

OST file keeps getting corrupted is major Outlook issues faced by the user on the regular basis when there are corruption issues in Outlook OST file. The reasons behind the frequent corruption of ost file may be the hardware or the software faults. These issues can highlight with the proper approach or the methodologies. For solving the OST file keeps getting corrupted issue, you have to take the help of third-party software such as OST to PST converter which can easily repair the ost file corruption and allows you to save the data into the new usable pst file. You can easily import pst file in Outlook to access the data.

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